Saturday, March 10, 2007

Making It Up as We Go Along

So, I'm starting to get ready to teach the first class (Monday) of "The History of People's Movements." I'll be making it up as I go along. Much as I wanted to back in November, I didn't manage to get the whole thing mapped out ahead of time. But the Politics of Jesus book by Obery Hendricks was a good start, as is the Wikipedia entry on Social Movements, and this paper on "What Works" from researchers in Vancouver.

I've also been listening to Ani DiFranco songs from the library, inspired by watching the 1998 Elmopalooza video with my daughter, in which Shawn Colvin sings a nice song -- "I would like to visit the moon.../But I wouldn't want to live there..." -- with Ernie. That reminded me that I like Shawn Colvin, so I looked for some of her albums and that reminded me of Ani:

Millenium Theater

...millenium spectacle
everybody put on a show
slip the little prince in the back door
21st century here we go
digital whiplash
so many formats so little time
while out in tv nation
under darkening skies
the resistance is just waiting
to be organized

halliburton enron
chief justices for sale
yucca mountain goddesses
their tears they form a trail
patriarchies realign
while the ice caps melt
and new orleans bides her time
new orleans bides her time...


...spring is super in the supermarkets
and the strawberries prance and glow
never mind that they're all kinda tart and tasteless
as strawberries go
meanwhile wild things are not for sale
anymore than they are for show
so i'll be outside, in love with the kind of beauty
it takes more than eyes to know...

Like those geese, walking on the frozen pond today, near where we live.


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