Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why I Am a Pacifist

The Guardian article is called Children of War. A quote:

In a rare study published last week, the Association of Iraqi Psychologists (API) said the violence had affected millions of children, raising serious concerns for future generations...

...A regular commentator in the Iraqi media known for his ruthlessly honest comments about the Iraqi mindset, Dr. Hassan had worked with victims of trauma. And he had been determined to wean Iraqi youth from their obsession with the gun.

"It's all some of them think about and know," he had told the Guardian. "The dangers are they will internalise the violence and then reproduce it later."

...Shortly before his murder, Dr Hassan told the Guardian of his fears for Iraq's current young generation. "Do not make the mistake of blaming the occupation and the recent war for all of this," he said. "For more than three decades, young Iraqis have been forced to learn how to kill. We must now learn instead about dialogue and compromise. Otherwise, we will continue to produce psychopathic personalities for whom violence is simply a means of negotiating daily life."


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