Sunday, January 28, 2007

Middling is Not Fair

This from a Common Dreams article by Glenn Hurowitz, on why Pelosi and Reid are courting disaster by refusing to stand up to Bush strongly as spokespeople for the left side of the American political spectrum:

...Moving to the middle also could turn off the millions of progressives who made phone calls, donated money and blogged for the Democrats in 2006. These progressives - and the organizations that represent them - do watch the issues very closely. If they don't see Democratic leaders moving aggressively for change, they could quickly become disillusioned, and start aiming their fire at Democrats not living up to their expectations, rather than focusing on, for instance, helping to oust Republicans from the White House in 2008.

If the Democrats are going to pander, they should at least pander to the progressives who care about their policies...

I agree, and not just because I am one of those millions of progressives. Well, probably mostly because of that. I'm sick of being taken for granted by the Dems, as they go on to enact legislation - or fail to stop legislation - in ways that totally go against my reasons for trying to help them get power to begin with.


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