Sunday, October 29, 2006

Too Close Not to Call

Call For Change

So, I've put this link on my blog (also in the sidebar, for when this post moves down into the past).

My husband and I have hosted two Call for Change parties at our apartment. To make the calls, you have to have faith. You have to believe, at least a mustard seed's worth, that among all the other people you talk to, you will also encourage the one or two in each district who would NOT vote if you and others didn't call, and whose votes WILL make the difference to help Democrats win back control of Congress.

Then again, you also have to have faith that the voting machines those voters use will actually count their votes - I'm also signed on to be a pollworker in my town, and at the orientation meeting, I didn't gain a whole lot of confidence in the accuracy and auditability of the computerized voting machines. But I feel a little better knowing I and other concerned folks will be on hand, watching out for problems and sounding the alert to the ACLU, PFAW and other watchdog groups.

Beyond that, you have to have faith that if the Democrats win (if Linda Stender kicks out Mike Ferguson here in my district!) and do take control of Congress, putting John Conyers, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Henry Waxman and a whole host of other excellent legislators in charge of key House committees, that their leadership (Pelosi and Reid) will actually stand up and take charge and lead America in a new and better direction, and will, most importantly, hold Bush and his co-conspirators accountable for their virtually innumerable crimes against the American people and the world.

Which means, in the end, that you have to have faith that you and other citizens who made the calls before the elections will take a short break after the elections and then keep right on pushing the leaders in the right direction.

So really, it all boils down to faith in yourself, and making that faith contagious to the people you call if you make some Calls for Change.

Please do. Go ahead. Click on the link. That big red button. Right there.

Good luck.



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