Monday, October 09, 2006

If the End is Nigh, Let's Go with Grace

It may well be that all we can do, all we have ever been able to do, is keep faith with the truly loving, truly wise leaders of history by continuing to speak our truth quietly right up to the end, and refuse to participate in hate-mongering and life-destruction.

We may all be implicated in the violence by our mere existence and conscious participation in violent societies. But if that's so, then our peace participation is also registering somewhere in the cosmos, and even if can't stop the bitter end from coming, by moving toward it clear-eyed, maybe we can make it slightly less bitter.

If we're not all consumed with dark visions of hatred and destruction at the moment when we go up in flames, then the human experiment has just that little bit much more chance of not having been an unmitigated waste of time.


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