Saturday, August 05, 2006

"There will be another 9/11"

The latest piece by Robert Fisk - Middle East correspondent for the Independent who lives in Beirut.

I've recently read two plausible explanations for things that had been puzzling me. The U.S. wants to take over Iran because Iran has plans to create an oil stock exchange, or bourse, where oil would be traded in petroeuros, not petrodollars, causing a collapse of the American economy as the dollar continued its downward slide of devaluation.

And Israel has U.S. support for bombing the Lebanese people, and their economy, into tiny little non-viable pieces, because Israel and the U.S. are sending a "message" to Iran: that the same wholesale destruction will be wreaked upon any people and any national economy that dares oppose the will of the American empire and its Israeli proxy in the neighborhood. Here's an article at ZNet by Ramzy Baroud that gets into this theory a little bit.

I will try to update this later with links. Some info comes from the 2006 Censored book, put together by Project Censored and published by Seven Stories Press, which cites William Clark's new book: Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar.


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