Sunday, August 13, 2006

See You At Armageddon

Tom Hayden:

"And to the bloggers, I say stick to standards of evidence that will convince the mainstream voters. Sometimes we stray from what we know, and what can be proven to the public, into the world of, well, conjecture. We cannot fight against a faith-based crusade with one that sometimes appears to be fantasy-based. We cannot fight the conservative model with a conspiracy model [even though there are conspiracies out there]. The facts are staggering enough to cause deep public questioning and, in time, a radical public awakening. We should see ourselves as the questioning conscience of the nation, the prod to deeper digging by the media, the force that pushes politicians to address all the "inconvenient truths," every last one of them."

I agree about standards of evidence, but that also means paring down the potential audience to people who also make up their minds at least partially based on facts and reason. Those people, I think, have largely come over to the anti-Iraq war side, if not yet to the pacifist position. Another step will require offering faith-based folk something more hopeful than Armageddon to have faith in, some better vision of the future and the moral role of humans in that future.


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