Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Motherhood Manifesto on Childcare

"Childcare. With nearly three-quarters of mothers in the labor force, childcare is essential for many families. Quality, affordable childcare should be available to all who need it. Yet childcare costs between $4,000 and $10,000 per child, per year - an all too steep price for a substantial number of working families. And childcare providers are some of the lowest paid workers in our country. Clearly, this isn't a simple issue. Parents, children, and childcare workers are struggling.

While MomsRising explores ways to give parents more time with their families through policies like flexible work options and paid family leave, there will always be a need for quality childcare so parents can work and support their families.

A MODEL THAT WORKS: There is a successful large scale model childcare system operating right here in our country, and it might not be where you expect: The military. With over 200,000 children in their care, the Department of Defense childcare system addresses common childcare problems with real solutions.

Military childcare is available on a sliding scale to parents to make it affordable. Parents also have easy access to a high quality military childcare system and don't end up lost on long waiting lists. The military offers fair compensation and training for providers, and holds its centers to national uniform standards. Of the key childcare needs--affordability, quality, and accessibility -the military hits all three..."


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