Thursday, August 17, 2006


President Bush, pursuing the Project for a New American Century, often speaks implicity about creating a global hegemony, with America playing the role of enforcer.

He talks about "democracy," but it's fairly clear that it has more to do with economic control of vital resources and cheap labor pools, since he so regularly condemns foreign people for electing leaders he finds distasteful through nonetheless free and fair elections that put our own electoral system to shame. See Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon, for example.

What's interesting to me is that I endorse the goals of the global justice movement, which more or less seeks to establish the same kind of world-over paradigm. But we want to substitute just systems of regional self-sufficiency where possible, international cooperation where necessary, and an overall transition to sustainable, renewable non-carbon, non-polluting sources of energy to run human societies in the interests of promoting a dignified existence for all, for the exploitation of poor by rich that Bush & Co seek to expand.

My point is, God's ways being mysterious and all, perhaps Bush, and his concommittent mess-making around the world, are steering us toward that united future, and perhaps when we get there, the surprise will be on him, because the shape of society will not be militarized, fear-polarized, greed-driven and full of death, but rather we will see an unprecedentedly concerted effort, on the part of all people, to really, consciously choose a more life-sustaining, life-giving alternative plan.


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