Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Colombia has a lot of interesting things going on.

In The Guardian a few weeks ago, there was a long article about official peace communities, where residents compact with each other to refuse support to any combatants, from any of the many armed groups fighting throughout the country.

The Mayor of Bogota, Enrique Penalosa, has done a huge amount of work creating a network of bicycle paths. Some of the roads are only ever open to bicycles, and others are closed to cars on certain days.

From Wikipedia: "Every Sunday and holiday the main streets of Bogotá, Cali and Medellín are blocked off for the event to become Carfree. From 7 am to 2 pm, walkers, skaters and bicyclists take over the streets. At the same time, stages are set up in city parks. Aerobics instructors, yoga teachers and musicians lead people through various performances. The largest is Bogotá with 2 million people attending (30% of citizens) on over 120km of carfree streets."

I love imagining that happening in every major city in the world.


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    By Blogger dpb, At 5:05 AM  

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    By Blogger dpb, At 5:22 AM  

  • KW,

    I´ve been to Bogotá last month... And took part in two "ciclovia" days...

    It´s pretty close to cycling paradise... It´s a shame it´s only on sundays and holidays from 7am til 14pm... or 12pm..

    I created a blog for those who have been there for the wcfn conference, visit it at http://carfreebogota.blogspot.com/

    By Blogger Dysprosio, At 2:14 PM  

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