Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Paralyzing Shame

Hearing about the weapons shipment of more bombs, from the U.S., to Israel, for killing Lebanese, re-ignited the desperate shame I feel being a citizen of this horrific country, where the dictator is unchallenged, the legislature and courts are moot, and the people are paralyzed by consumption, commutes and media contempt.

I hereby renounce my American citizenship.

I am founding a country called Mutualia. We have no physical territory, and thus no residency requirement and no military. There are no taxes, and we print no currency. Our only allegiance is to the principle of non-violence.

Make your own T-shirts.

By the by:

Max Boot (whose more recent editorial is cited in Marjorie Cohn's essay) wrote, in June 2003:

Opponents of the war must be chagrined to see pretty much all of their arguments discredited by events. The invasion did not cause greater regional unrest; instead, it led to a resumption of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. There have been no massive refugee flows or other humanitarian disasters. U.S. troops did not encounter a Stalingrad on the Euphrates. And so on...

Someday, I'll post a 10-point response I wrote, about why I was and still am not "chagrined" to have opposed to war then, and to oppose it still today. We were right; they were wrong, and their contemptuous conclusion-jumping is as cruel and shortsighted now as it was then. The ranks of former supporters from the conservative movement - who now see Bush and Bush policies and practices as universally unmitigated disasters - continue to grow. Maybe Boot will join them soon.

Who really is naive? Boot wrote, less than three months into the invasion, and long before the fact-fixing documents and testimony came to light, that the lack of weapons of mass destruction, by showing how "imperfect" our intelligence was, "actually makes the case for preventive war that much stronger."

Who is insightful, when it has been pacifists all along saying that violence solves nothing, but only sets up the pins for the next, more intense, round of violence?


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