Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Long War

Someone with military credentials writing a much more detailed critique of the "long war" approach to foreign policy, committing still-to-be-born babies to fight and die in the amorphous struggle against "evil terrorists."

I have a growing conviction that "they" don't hate "us" for our "freedom." Those who hate us may well hate us for the hollow-ness of our democracy.

Poll after poll shows Americans to be relatively decent people with little interest in conquest and a strong interest in fairness, cleaning up the planet's air, water and soil, and making space for ordinary people to live relatively dignified lives wherever the happen to be born.

Poll after poll shows our growing anger and frustration with the executive and legislative branches of our government. And yet we are emotionally tethered to the roller-coaster of propaganda: "Oil prices up - inflation to follow! Consumer confidence rebounds - economy strong! Housing starts up! No, down! Iraqi troops trained and in control! Iraqi troops committing atrocities! Terror alert on yellow! No, orange! No, wait, red!" Orwell said it all, so prophetically and so precisely.

We are, so far, unable to control our reactivity, focus our attention and energies, and change the disastrous course of things, and by failing to reclaim our People-Power, we are betraying the ideal of freedom that so many people look to with such hope. Robbing them of hope, they turn to despair, and then to hate...


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