Thursday, March 23, 2006


"For five years, Republicans trashed Democrats as bereft of ideas. Now that they see Democrats up by 10 points, Republicans are rushing to claim the mantle of no ideas for themselves. Caught by surprise, Democratic consultants quickly fired back: Hey, we had no ideas first."


This is driving me, with my treasured philosophy degree from Penn State, absolutely crazy.

Ideas matter very, very much. Leo Strauss' and Sayyid Qutb's ideas from a half-century ago are right in the center of the maelstrom we are living through. There are lots of ideas in circulation right now, from "stay the course," to "This is an unprecented historical moment filled with opportunity for the human species to choose to consciously evolve from a warfaring, earth-destroying, suicidal hell-bent blight on the universe into a deeply connected, profoundly respectful, highly intelligent, life-loving care-taking force."

Me likey the latter idea. Me wishy more somebodies running for the opportunity to steer this planetary ship into the future would adopt it.


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