Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Case of Laura Berg

I recently learned about Laura Berg, a VA nurse in New Mexico who, appalled by the lethal federal response to Hurricane Katrina and the terrible mental trauma suffered by returning Iraq War veterans and their families, made a connection between the two.

She wrote a letter to the editor of her local paper (http://www.alibi.com/editorial/section_display.php?di=2006-02-09&scn=news&scn_page_num=0#14092) calling for Bush’s removal. Our Constitution provides a non-violent means of removing criminal leaders, through investigation and impeachment. Yet the FBI promptly investigated Berg for “sedition.” Many of her co-workers, who sympathize with her anger, her faith in her free speech rights, and her demand for our government to be accountable to the governed, are now afraid to speak out.

If President Bush can violate, with complete impunity, federal and international laws banning illegal wars; torture and kidnapping; secret detentions without charge, legal representation or trial; the development of new nuclear weapons; warrantless wiretapping; domestic dissemination of propaganda; and revealing the identity of undercover CIA agents -- and he is breaking all of those laws -- then why should anyone anywhere obey any laws at all? Our system of the rule of law has lost all legitimacy; the legislative and judicial processes have both become charades, and the executive branch has become a dictatorship in fact, if not yet in name.

We should either impeach Bush for the crimes he has committed against the People and the Constitution, or we should acknowledge the lawless anarchy we are already living under, and prepare as best we can for that anarchy to spread and intensify: top down.


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