Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Open Letter to Senator John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

I received your personal note in response to my letter about your anti-torture legislation. I wonder how you feel about President Bush's signing statement, which essentially nullified your legislation after it was passed by both houses of Congress.

I understand Karl Rove is pressuring all Republicans, especially the Senate Judiciary Committee members, to remain loyal on the domestic spying issue, or risk blacklisting. The arm-twisting must be intense, but all it will take is a few courageous Senators to generate the momentum, push beyond the farcical Feb. 6 Gonzales hearings and take Bush all the way to impeachment. Our Constitutional democracy is at stake, and even though you and I differ on many things, I think we and all Americans agree on the principle of checks and balances. We are not a dictatorship, not even in a time of war. Don't let us become one.


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