Monday, February 06, 2006

Open Letter to Senator Arlen Specter

Dear Mr. Specter:

Your performance today on C-SPAN disgusted me. I thought, mistakenly, that you really believed there was something amiss about all of Bush's assumption of dictatorial powers, ignoring the Congress and courts.

Then I watched a charade, designed perhaps to shore up the Republican "base" with the illusion of an investigation.

I watched you refuse legitimate requests for the witness, Alberto Gonzales, to be sworn in, thus permitting him to lie (as he has already done) and avoid future perjury charges.

I watched you supervise your Republican peers while they lobbed softball questions without an ounce of self-respect, whining about how the President is also co-equal, as if that were at all relevant.

I watched you permit Gonzales to refuse to answer even straight yes-no questions.

My only hope is that you did what you did because the Bush Administration has threatened you and your family with death if you do not comply with the charade and make this whole business pass away when the next affront appears. If so, you have my sympathy.

The whole democracy is living under a similar death threat right now, and if not for cowards like you, more Americans might wake up, get out of their houses, and demand that Bush and all his cronies step down and give our country back.


  • Katherine - You're absoluely right. i assumed he was sworn in. That's a travesty.

    By Blogger jimwatt, At 4:42 PM  

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