Thursday, December 01, 2005

Becoming Our Enemies

Reading about the torture being committed by Iraqis with U.S. complicity, and by Americans all over the world in the secret prisons, and how people are saying it's just like under Saddam Hussein, I've been reminded of the truism that so often, crusaders of one sort or another become the monster they are trying to kill. Another example in the news lately is Stanley Williams, co-founder of the Crips gang in L.A., which he founded to try to stop gang violence, only to see himself become the leader of one of the most brutal gangs there.

It makes me wonder: will peace activists, so enraged at the lies and murder being committed in the name of American "security," someday become the same type monster as the Bush Administration we struggle against? Or is there some qualitative difference when the struggle is explicitly non-violent? The indigenous people of South America, patrolling their communities armed only with sticks, when their enemies have submachine guns, helicopters and bombs, may be leading the way into the future. I hope they can maintain their high ground. I hope they can lead us all up on to it.


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